Save Energy and Money by Updating Your Ductwork

Save Energy and Money by Updating Your Ductwork

You’ve heard that leaky ductwork is inefficient, but do you realize that replacing faulty ducts can save you a good deal of money on an ongoing basis? If you live in an older home that has never benefited from a ductwork upgrade, or a newer home that seems to have poorly designed ductwork, then there could be significant savings in your future!

Cost Savings

Your heating and cooling bills can be some of the most expensive parts of owning your home, especially in periods of peak usage like late winter and mid-summer. If your energy bills over the past few years have skyrocketed with no real change in your habits, your ducts may be to blame. While it would be nice to think that everyone can get a huge benefit from upgrading their ducts, you need to have a qualified HVAC contractor review your particular situation and make a recommendation before you decide to make major changes.

Stay Healthy Inside

Poor ductwork may be more than just a money drain — they may also be costing you and your family your health. Dirty air can infiltrate ducts and contaminate your indoor air. If you have dust or pollen allergies, this type of backdraft can make those problems even worse. Mold is another concern with aging ductwork and one that also can cause an allergic reaction. Some types of mold are quite toxic and can cause an excessive reaction, a problem that repairing or replacing those old ducts can really help alleviate.

If Your Energy Bills Have Spiked, Your Ducts May Be to Blame

Dash Those Hot Spots

If there are certain places in your home that you just cannot seem to get cooled off in the summer or heated up in the winter no matter where you set your thermostat, an HVAC contractor could complete a professional inspection to let you know if upgrades to your system will make a difference. Sometimes a simple duct cleaning is all it takes to improve the performance of your system and to knock out old allergens that have been lurking for years.

Small Tweaks Make a Big Difference

The beauty of having a certified HVAC contractor review your system is that you might not need to replace all of your ductwork in order to see a difference in your energy bills. A professional will be able to comprehensively review your system and find small changes — such as adding insulation to specific sections of your ductwork or some sealant  — that could make a positive impact both on your family’s health and on the overall cost of maintaining your home. While handy homeowners can find some of these cost-savings on their own, an HVAC contractor sees these problems every day and knows exactly what to look for and how to fix them as cost-effectively as possible.

If you are suffering from allergies, hot spots in your home and overall leaky ductwork, give Metro Comfort Systems a call. We use only the most trusted brands of heating and air conditioning systems, and we strive to make your home as safe and healthy as we would our own. Read the reviews from satisfied customers to see why we’re the go-to contractor for so many residents in the area.

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