5 Decorating Tricks to Reduce Your Summer A/C Bill

5 Decorating Tricks to Reduce Your Summer A/C Bill

You might not think that the decorating choices you make can have an impact on your energy bill. The truth is, everything from your curtain selection to where you invest in landscaping can make a big difference come bill time.

Add Window Dressings

Choosing the right window dressings can keep your home cooler in the summer heat and warmer during the winter. Choosing heavier, darker drapes and keeping them closed during the heat of the day will shade your living space and keep it cooler. If you don’t like drapes, try blinds. In the winter, these same drapes can block cold drafts, giving your rooms a warmer, cozier feeling.

Banish Carpeting

Interior design trends these days lean toward removing carpeting from living spaces to improve aesthetics and resale value. Allergy and asthma sufferers also greatly benefit from installing wood floors over having carpet in the home. Carpet traps allergens, heat and humidity that would otherwise escape through the flooring of the home. Installing wood flooring has the additional benefit of keeping your home airy, breezy and cooler than those with traditional carpeting.

Change Your Lighting

Harsh overhead lighting is often unflattering and also adds several degrees to the temperature of the room. If you are trying to beat the heat, turn off the overhead lights and use smaller area lamps instead. These will provide enough light for reading or general activities without heating up the room on an already warm summer evening.

Using Blue Hues Can Make Your Home Feel Cool

Carefully Plan Landscaping

Trees are nature’s first and best sun blockers. Large shade trees provide a place for kids to play in the grass, safe from the sun’s rays, but they also can shade your home and lower your energy costs. Plant the largest trees nearest your home, on the sides that get the most sun exposure in the summer.  As they grow, these trees will block direct sunlight from entering your home through the windows and heating up the interior. They will also shade the side of your home and prevent the exterior walls from conducting heat, which will also decrease your cooling costs. Make sure to choose smaller trees to plant near electrical and other utility lines.

Change Up the Paint Color

If you enjoy the natural light too much to block it with drapes or trees, try changing up your paint color. It is well known that lighter colors reflect light and heat while darker colors absorb heat. Go for light blues and greens to cool a naturally well-lit room without turning up the air conditioning.

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